About us

Aire de Fiesta is a team of highly trained professionals, passionate about event planning and design. Enthusiasm, creativity and specialization are common in our team, along with a shared motivation: to come up with custom-made solutions!.

The Team

general director & founder

Graduated in Law and with a large experience in the travel industry. She discovered in her brother’s wedding her true calling: event planning and design. Five years later and with thousands of hours devoted to this business, she is the heart of Aire de Fiesta, the more tireless creative and the biggest critic. Perfectionist, guide, friend, there is no detail she misses, vocabulary with the word impossible in it, or things that can’t be bought, cleaned or adapted, to be added to our inventory!

executive director

Economist and passionate about figures and numbers. He loves team meetings, that everybody met their deadlines and well balanced books.  He hates being in the red. When he is not working, he is probably following Real Madrid latest match.

community manager

Totally in love with the complex world of Communication in which she was formed, she usually prefers quite spaces and 24/7 Internet interaction. Her day is always full of strategies, trends, articles and social media posts and it cannot start without coffee!

custommer support

Graduated in Social Communication and with a large experience in the tourism & travel industry, she is an expert in many areas and a multi-task person. She seems to make magic with her time to ensure every client receives the best attention. Her no so secret passion: Shoes!

sales/ event planner

He comes from the Teather, combines his love for arts with event planning and he is great at it! Attention to details, responsibility and commitment are his biggest strengths. His best day? The one that starts with a gym session.


Competent, proficient and skilled, her aptitudes for event coordination come from more than a decade experience in the hotel industry. She adores well designed projects, to host small gathering for friends and to spend her vacations at the beach!


His initial devotion to Medicine translates now into a full commitment with all his clients. He always inspires confidence, something he deserves completely. His skills include florist design and cooking, if he weren’t here, he would probably be a chef!

event planner

Sweet, dynamic and with outstanding organizational skills, she is an excellent adviser and allied. Her training as accountant is probably why she is so good at negotiating and finding appropriate solutions for her clients. She is also a fashionist!

event planner assistant

If she had a magic wand, she couldn’t do more or better. She is very good at keeping schedules to make sure all clients’ desires are fulfilled and there’s not a thing in the world she cannot find. Her world wouldn’t be ideal without chocolate!

graphic designer

Graduated in Graphic Design, she combines her office time between catalogs and web design to make sure our services show the best presentation possible. When she is not working, she is busy with her duties as a super mom!

event designer

With a particular sight for details, she always applies her Architect education. All styles inspire her the same to create and come up with great designs. When she is not working, she is probably drafting some fashion sketches!.

event designer

Architect and crafts lover, he has converted event designing into his other passion. He’s super creative, charismatic, tireless, philosopher at times and he rather to spend his free hours having some quality time with his lots and lots of friends.


A true lover for natural things, color and textures, his hands create artwork pieces and in full speed! He is always smiling and never gets tired or discouraged whatever the challenge. Healthy food and exercise are the secrets of his eternal youth.

on-site staff supervisor

Engineer from head to toes, he loves demanding tasks specially if they imply assembling and adjusting. He is the one in charge of our team of on-site workers, electricians and carpenters, and he is always so full of energy!. Life is for him a permanent reason to laugh and celebrate.

The training, experience and affinity for each other will be noted every step of the way whatever the service you have choose or the event you want to perform. Your project will always have the attention of all team members, including a special group of on-site workers who will act as clockwork, leaving nothing to chance.


If you have any questions, or you are ready to start planning your dream event, please contact us. 
+53 58359595  +53 25859595- +53 72038902 comercial@airedefiestacuba.com